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Drawing a large in-person gallery of bidders

Fox Valley Coin Auctions is the area’s leading auctioneer when it comes to rare coins, antiques and jewelry. Fox Valley Coin Auctions draws a large in-person gallery of bidders. Countless on-line bidders make for spirited simultaneous competition while viewing the auction via live video feed from around the globe.

Our Focus

Fox Valley Coin Auctions’ focus is antiques, collectibles and jewelry. Since our first coin auction back in 2001, we’ve held around 200 auctions. We’re honored that our auctions average several hundred thousand dollars each in sales. Yet, there are many items that can be purchased for less than a couple twenty dollar bills. Virtually something for every collector’s budget.

If you are a collector or are looking to make some money from your own items, our auctioning events can help you get what you need. We have experienced evaluation experts to price and appraise items appropriately based on condition, history, and availability or “rarity” of the items.

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