Fox Valley Coins - What We Sell
One Of The Midwest's Largest Coin Dealers
Fox Valley Coins Sells US and Foreign Coins

U.S. and Foreign Currency
We sell all major types of US and Foreign currency. Below we have provided a small sample of the types of currency that we commonly sell in our stores.

Examples of Items We Sell:

  • Continental and Fractional Currency to $10,000 Bills
  • Original Bundles of Silver Certificates, US Notes, FRN’s
  • National Currency (Notes with Bank’s names on them)
  • Large Size Type Notes (Series 1923 and earlier)
  • Fractional Currency (1800’s Paper Money - 3 Cents to 50 Cents)
  • Colonial Currency (Earliest of American Currency)
  • Gold & Silver Certificates
  • Currency Errors
  • Most anything that is worth more than “Face Value”
  • We always have a fresh selection of rare and common currencies in stock. Please contact us for an update on what we have stock or stop by our Naperville or Aurora locations.