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Fox Valley Coins, is trying to help flatten the curve of this terrible global pandemic.

Our employees’, as well as the public’s health and safety is paramount. We realize that while collecting coins is not a necessity, people’s finances are. Many are in need of raising cash while others want to diversify into hard assets.

Therefore, Fox Valley Coins will be open this Saturday, April 4th from 10am to 3 pm.

As a major bullion dealer, Fox Valley Coins is deemed a financial institution and therefore will strictly be providing financial bullion transactions. We currently have in stock most popular gold and silver products for instant cash and carry.

For more info and updates – check out Facebook, or Instagram. For larger transactions, set up an appointment via email.

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We have been cooperating with the authorities to practice health safety these days. We have heard from many of you that, though you understand our temporary closure, that you have a need for making financial purchases and sales to balance your precious metals positions.

According to Title 31 of the United States Code, Fox Valley Coins, Inc. is a financial institution as defined by section 5312 -1 (Gold Dealer) and also 2-H Broker or dealer in securities or commodities, 2-N Dealer in precious metals, stones, or jewels; 3-A US coins and currency and other provisions. Therefore, Fox Valley Coins, Inc. is a financial institution and considered a business that may continue to do business as necessitated by our customer’s financial needs

We have decided to provide very limited services to keep meeting the needs of our customers, keeping in mind the safety of our staff and you the public.

Fox Valley Coins, Inc. will be available for larger bullion transactions or larger collections by appointment only.

Please email us at to set up an appointment. Be sure to include your phone number so that we can contact you to set up an appointment. 

AS of this time we have limited supplies of “LIVE, IN-HAND”:

-American Eagle Silver Dollars – Singles, Rolls and 500-count Monster Boxes – Several thousand ozt.

-Generic 1 Oz Silver Bars & Rounds (mostly Sunshine, Johnson Matthey, vintage & newer Engelhard) A few thousand ozt.

-World Government Silver 1 Oz and 1.5 Oz (Britain, Perth, Canada, Mexico, etc.) A couple thousand ozt.

-Ten ounce Bars mostly Vintage & newer Engelhard. A few hundred ozt available.

We were honored to buy out the entire inventory of silver from a Chicagoland area coin dealer. Due to this fortunate acquisition, coupled with being closed, we are one of the very few dealers with brick and mortar or on-line dealerships with “Live In-Hand” inventory.

Again, for larger purchases or sales, we are still offering appointment times on Thursdays. Please email us at in order to set up an appointment. Thanks for your continued support.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or just find out what your old coins and currency are worth; Fox Valley Coins is the only place you need to turn.

Since 1981 our experts have been serving the numismatic and precious metals community. In 2001 we answered the call of helping estates and collectors disperse their other collectibles and antiques as well.

  • Fox Valley Coins, Inc. gives free verbal evaluations on coins, currency and precious metals
  • Fox Valley Coins, Inc. pays cash or check on the spot for coins, currency and precious metals
  • Fox Valley Coins, Inc. sells coins, currency and precious metals for cash or check
  • Fox Valley Coins, Inc. pays cash or check on the spot for many antiques and collectibles

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