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Where to Sell Coins Near Wheaton

The best place to sell coins or to buy coins to complete a collection near Wheaton is Fox Valley Coins in Naperville. Just southwest of Wheaton on Route 59. Selling coins can be daunting because each coin can vary in price or value by vast amounts. Let our experience and professionalism shine through when you come in to sell coins from your collection or perhaps a collection you inherited or found. We know how to inspect coins, how to care for them and clean them properly so they don’t lose value. Everything about coins affects the value like:

  • Condition – Wear on the faces or smoothing of the edges. Manufacture defects or mistakes are always fun and rare so they can add value as well.
  • Tarnish also known as “Toning” – can both add and subtract value depending on the type of toning experienced. Its best to NEVER clean coins you intend to sell unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Damaged – bends, chips, marks, scratches, and even if it was cleaned with chemicals. A shiny coin could actually result in a damaged coin.
  • Date – the year minted, depending on what was happening in the world at the time, some coins are rarer than others in certain years so it can add value for certain years and coin types.
  • Mint Mark – machine marks indicating where it was minted can substantially change its value

Buy and Sell Coins for Fun

Collectors come in all shapes and sizes. If there is more than one of something, someone is collecting it. Coins are no different. They are actually among the more popular of collectibles because there are so many variants and runs over the history of currency to seek out. Sometimes people are looking for that one coin that will complete their collection and are willing to pay top dollar for it. If you have a collection of rare coins that are just collecting dust and not engaging your interest anymore, consider coming to Fox Valley Coins to sell coins and possibly help someone complete a collection.

Considering there are literally millions of coins in circulation and in collections when you decide to sell coins that you don’t want or need, there may be someone out there looking for your set or a single coin. So when you sell coins that are old or rare, you likely are looking at much more than face value. Some coins can bring you dollars in a sale. Some hundreds of dollars. Some even are worth thousands of dollars. It all depends on the rarity and the overall condition the coin is in.

Things to Avoid Before You Sell Coins

When you sell something used, the first instinct everyone has is to clean it so it looks nice to get top dollar based on visual aesthetics. That is not the case with coins. When you go to sell coins, the worst thing you can do is clean them off and make them all shiny and look new. The tarnish or as we call it “toning” is part of the story. When you clean that off with cleansers or worse chemicals, you are erasing the history and potentially damaging the coin’s properties that give it value.

If your coins are in protective cases, sleeves, envelopes, or books. Leave them in there. They are easier to account for and likely are separate for a reason.

Get Started Selling Coins

Fox Valley Coins recommends booking an appointment with our easy to use interface or give us a call at 630.305.0100 and let us know when you will be coming by and what you are bringing. We can have our experienced staff prepped as best we can for you. In our assessments, we ask you to stay with your collections at all times and we keep you informed on everything. That’s the professional transparency we pride ourselves on. We look forward to helping you sell your coins.

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Single Coins to Vast Hoards

Fox Valley Coins is the area's leading buyer of old coins & currency.

The process is easy. Just bring your items in. We will make an offer on each item and you decide if you wan to sell it or keep it. We will pay you cash or check right on the spot.

We can also make house calls to your home, office or bank on warranting collections.

Fox Valley Coins also is a major market maker in all major precious metals.

It it’s Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium; chances are we will buy it for instant cash.

We purchase many antiques & collectibles.

Fox Valley Coins also purchases scrap and fine jewelry for cash or check on the spot.

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