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Where to Sell Jewelry in Naperville

Like many people, you may have accumulated a ton of jewelry over the years. Maybe you inherited some from a loved one. Maybe you ended a relationship and don’t want the reminders anymore. Whatever the case is, where do you go to sell jewelry in the Naperville area?

Fox Valley Coins of course! Come in and get your jewelry appraised for weight and materials. In most cases, the jewelry is going to be refined for the metals and made into bars coins, or recirculated for investors or industrial uses. So if you want to sell jewelry for cash or to invest in something else we offer, we welcome the opportunity for us to buy it off you.

For any questions about how to sell jewelry and what to expect when you come in, please give us a call at 630.305.0100 or make an appointment so you don’t have to wait and we can prepare for your visit.

Why Sell Jewelry to Us vs Pawning

When people think about how to sell jewelry, they often go to pawn shops or consignment stores perhaps. Those organizations work based on subjective style, interpretation of the piece and its estimated resale value. You can sometimes get a deal but in most cases, you could be losing a huge amount in value for just the metals and material alone. At Fox Valley Coins, we buy based on the purity of the materials in the jewelry and the weight at set prices that are not based on the associate’s opinion of the piece. When you sell jewelry and it’s a price per pound type system, it’s fair and you can feel good when you leave every time.

When you sell jewelry to us with enhancements like diamonds or precious stones. Those also have value and can be removed and reset into different pieces as well. If you are looking for the most value, we are actively looking for precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. So if you have chains, bracelets, earrings, and rings in those materials, we want them.

Given the current value of gold and platinum, we hope you continue to invest in precious metals and grow your collections of jewelry, coins, or just bars of the metals to keep as an investment later on. The value is going up because the metals are becoming harder and harder to find and mine. In the next 100 years, it’s likely all the silver on earth that is reachable will be mined and then there will be no more. So the value of silver will be going up rapidly over the next few decades. So keep an eye out for silver jewelry to sell.

How to Sell Jewelry

Whether it’s a single piece or a whole box full, our system for buying it from you is straight forward and simple so make it easy and bring everything you have. That way you know what you have and what it’s worth today. You can always invest in more valuable precious metals if you wish, or take the cash value today and enjoy the money back in your hand.

We always look for the opportunity to help people invest in metals and coins for their equity over time but when people need cash quick for debt or just getting by, we understand that too and want to help however we can.

Give us a call today to find out more on how to sell jewelry in Naperville at 630.305.0100 or book an appointment and block time for a detailed appraisal and quote. Walk-ins are welcome but we do tend to get busy so waiting is not uncommon. It’s usually just a matter of minutes though so feel free to look around and maybe find something to buy with your jewelry sale.

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What Fox Valley Coins Buys and Sells

Sell Jewelry in Naperville
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Sell Jewelry in Naperville
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Sell Jewelry in Naperville
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Sell Jewelry in Naperville
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Sell Jewelry in Naperville
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Sell Jewelry in Naperville

Single Coins to Vast Hoards

Fox Valley Coins is the area's leading buyer of old coins & currency.

The process is easy. Just bring your items in. We will make an offer on each item and you decide if you wan to sell it or keep it. We will pay you cash or check right on the spot.

We can also make house calls to your home, office or bank on warranting collections.

Fox Valley Coins also is a major market maker in all major precious metals.

It it’s Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium; chances are we will buy it for instant cash.

We purchase many antiques & collectibles.

Fox Valley Coins also purchases scrap and fine jewelry for cash or check on the spot.

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